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GradIreland Career Fair

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I attended the GradIreland Career Fair at the RDS on 13th Oct 2010. It was an excellent event, with over 120 stands, and attended by 7000+ students. Well do to the team at GradIreland for putting on an impressive event.

I presented to a “standing room only” audience of 100+ Graduates, from 3.30 to 4.30. I was very impressed with the numbers that turned up, considering I presented at the end of a very long day. The presentation went well, and well received, judging by the comments afterwards.

The topic was “Standing out in a competitive graduate job market”. Below are some of the key message points.

– Develop an ongoing approach to job search – Build your Personal Brand
– Record your job search activity – Results don’t lie
– If you are not getting your desired results – change!!
– Stop hiding bland CVs and cover letters
– Stop reacting to the job market. Start attacking it proactively! (80/20 rule)
– Inject creativity when stuck on “M50 of the job market” (advertised jobs).
– Implement “VISIBILITY” strategies to access the hidden jobs.
– Become LinkedIn & SM Savvy.
– Become the “King of Networking”
– Become a salesperson – be able to sell yourself.

Thanks a million to everyone who made the effort to attend my presentation. And thanks to GradIreland for inviting me to talk at the event. Feel free to post comments below.

Happy Job Hunting!!

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