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Get Social Networked & Get Hired

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I presented “Get Social Networked & Get Hired” @gradireland in RDS (Wed 15th June 2011). Thanks for attending. I hope you found the presentation useful and took away useful information to help your job search. Below I have outlined the key messages and included related videos/articles. Click here for the presentation slides.

Get Social Networked & Get Hired

  • Don’t just LOOK for jobs. You must HUNT for jobs. “JOB HUNT JUNGLE” video explains.
  • Social Media helps target advertised and hidden jobs. Remember 70% of jobs are not advertised!!
  • Linkedin and Twitter are key tools. Don’t forget to leverage Facebook. It is important to continue networking in the real world. You can make new connections online and then bring them into the real world.
  • LINKEDIN – Create an impactful Linkedin profile. You must catch the eye of potential decision makers. These videos demonstrate how to do this – Part 1 and Part 2

If you enjoyed the presentation I would appreciate if you could post a comment below!!

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