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Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services Ireland

I love helping people. Therefore, I spend most of my time offering services career | outplacement. And, If you meet me you’ll experience my passion, energy and enthusiasm.

Outplacement Services

I spend a great part of my time providing outplacement solutions to organisations. And, I’ve worked across all industries, including Banking, IT, Manufacturing, Construction, and Retail. Of note, I am supported by a great team of fab like minded associates

Outplacement Coaching | 1-1

I’ve helped many clients transition to new employment post-redundancy via bespoke 1-1 outplacement coaching

Outplacement Coaching Modules

Career Direction | Defining next steps

Job Search Strategies | I teach you how to find and target jobs, even hidden ones

CV | LinkedIn Writing | I don’t show you how, I’ll write your CV!!!

Interview Coaching | Simple strategies to improve your interview to job offer ratio, both competency and traditional interviews

Clients reveive simple, practical, and job market tested strategies. You will work with me, and I’ve walked what I talk every day. I’ve been a successful business owner (aka job seeker) for 20+ years. This means, I’ve “real world” tested everything I teach you. And, there’s nothing I teach that I don’t implement in my own daily working life

Outplacement Workshops

Group Outplacement Workshops (8-12 participants)

Executive Outplacement

I support senior executives via besopke 1-1 coaching

Meet Paul Mullan

Paul Mullan is a recognised outplacement coach. He has works with clients in 1-1 and workshop format. He has vast experience in Recruitment, HR, Careers and Outplacement. Paul is a very positive individual and injects great energy into his engagements. Read full profile | outplacement coach

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For more information about our outplacement service or to book a session call 0871223308 or contact us

“Paul listened to my questions and made sure I was prepared for my first and second interviews. Talking to him helped me not to be as nervous as I normally would be.”