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You will fail at interview if

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You will fail at interview if

1. You lack focus – Most job seekers ignore the interviewer. You won’t get hired if you ignore the interviewers’ requirements. Focus on the interviewer and understand their key requirements. The job description will help you with this task. Don’t just read the job description, dissect it. You can’t sell your skills/experience if you don’t know what’s important. Understanding the job requirements will help you deliver relevant information to the interviewer.

2. You don’t sell yourself – Most job seekers fail to sell themselves at interview. Many interview answers are bland and lack any real impact. Facts, achievements and quantifiable results will bring your answers to life. It is essential to identify this information in advance of interview. During the interview, don’t wait for the interviewer to ask for examples. When you talk the talk, walk the walk. Load every answer with examples, achievements and quantifiable results. This will help you create impactful interview answers.

3. You fail to show interest in the company/role – Most job seekers fail to demonstrate genuine interest in the company/role. Failure to do this will result in rejection. Don’t be afraid to communicate your interest to the interviewer. Don’t listen to that urban myth, the one that says you’ll come across desperate. Don’t trip up on common interview questions that evaluate your interest – “what do you know about our company?”, “what attracts your to our company (or role)?” and “do you have any questions?”.

4. You lack energy – Many job seekers hide their personality during interview. Interview performance can be rigid and lacking any real energy. This makes it difficult for an interviewer to gauge the real you. It’s important to remember, people hire people. Your personality is as important as your experience/qualifications. Engage with the interviewer and build rapport during interview.

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Paul Mullan, founder of Measurability Outplacement Consultancy

1 thought on “You will fail at interview if”

  1. Hi Charlise

    Are you recording all your job search activity? This can help identify what is and what is not working for you.

    You are obviously getting interviews which means your job search strategies and CV are working.

    Spend a bit more time on interview preparation and role play. Also seek feedback after your interviews.

    Good luck with the job search.


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