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Civil Service | Public Sector | Interview Training

ACE Competency Based Interviews | Simple 3-Step Programme

You will learn

  • how to structure your answers
  • what the interview panel are listening for
  • how to build your examples using mind maps

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I completed my HEO interview, and I am delighted with my overall performance. It really was a lot simpler than previous attempts. The panel were doing a lot of nodding and smiling as I spoke, and this gave me even more confidence. Thanks for all your help and encouragement!!

I provide interview coaching across all levels: Principal Officer | PO, Assistant Principal Officer | AP, Higher Executive Officer | HEO, Executive Officer | EO, Assistant Staff Officer | ASO, Clerical Officer | CO

My approach is “KEEP IT SIMPLE” – simple language and simple process

You will get it!! And your performance will improve significantly!!

I will teach you

  • how to structure your examples (or as I call them – stories)
  • how to unearth a map to help you focus and stay on the right path
  • how to make a strong first and last impression
  • how to get your energy and personality across throughout

You wouldn’t go to a driving test without driving lessons

So, why would you go to a competency interview without interview coaching?

My simple 3-step interview skills training programme can help YOU!!

I never guarantee you’ll get the job (panel)

BUT I do guarantee that your performance will be at a very high level

I support client nationwide via Zoom | Dublin | Cork | Galway | Limerick | Galway

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