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LinkedIn | Increased visibility = increased opportunities!!

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LinkedIn is an amazing tool for job search. Unfortunately most job seekers fail to achieve the true potential. LinkedIn enables you to create a personal web page and web address. Most businesses will tell you that creating a website doesn’t guarantee increased opportunities. Websites fail because (a) they don’t market the product/service effectively and (b) they don’t attract enough relevant traffic.

This article will help you attract more external traffic to your LinkedIn Profile. Don’t hope people find your profile – HELP THEM FIND IT!

10 ways to attract external traffic to your LinkedIn profile

Email Signature – Add your LinkedIn URL to the signature of your private email. This means you are marketing yourself each time you send or reply to an email.

Facebook – Most job seekers fail to lean on their network of friends and family during job search. Paste your LinkedIn URL to the information section of your Facebook profile.

Twitter – Twitter allows you to add a website to your profile. Use your LinkedIn URL as your website address. Tweeting or retweeting can attract viewers your profile.

CV – Add your LinkedIn URL at the top of your CV. I believe a hiring manager will spend more time reviewing a LinkedIn Profile than a CV. A LinkedIn profile provides additional information like recommendations. It also indicates that you are social networking savvy.

Business Card – Some job seekers are printing basic business cards to support their job search. This is a positive step but remember to insert your LinkedIn profile URL.

E-Marketing – Some job seekers send speculative application emails to firms. Try pasting your LinkedIn URL to the mail instead of attaching a CV. It’s a different approach.

Industry Forums/Blogs – Research and locate popular industry forums and blogs. Your target market will be visiting these sites. Ensure you paste your LinkedIn URL when you post meaningful content or share expertise.

Company Blogs – Most firms have a blog. This offers an alternative medium to get noticed or communicate. Key influencers in the organisation may be reading the blog. Paste your LinkedIn profile URL when you comment.

Cover Letter – Insert your LinkedIn profile URL below the address on your cover letter. Try directing the reader to your LinkedIn profile rather than attaching a CV.

General Site/Free sites – There are many free forums and advertising sites online (gumtree/boards/etc). Paste your LinkedIn profile URL to any messages/adverts.

Thanks for reading – post a comment and paste your LinkedIn URL to the message 🙂

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2 thoughts on “LinkedIn | Increased visibility = increased opportunities!!”

  1. Great article Paul, there’s a few suggestions there I haven’t thought of trying!

    The customised URL should be definately a starting point – I’m amazed at how many LinkedIn users still haven’t changed theirs from the default :/

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