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Career Zoo – How to get a job without a CV

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I presented at on Sunday 16th January. The event was extremely busy and my presentation was attended by about 150 people. My presentation was “How to get a job without a CV”.

The key objectives of the talk were:

  • To emphasis the importance of recording job search activity. This feedback is essential to help job seekers navigate to achieve career/job search goals.
  • To encourage job seekers to stop hiding behind their CVs. The CV still has an important role in job search BUT it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) always have to be the focal point. A CV only tells part of the information required to make a hiring decision.
  • To outline some strategies for targeting advertised jobs. Options outlined included audio tools, video tools, social media, creative use of cover letters, using your network, and a simple phone call.
  • To outline some strategies for targeting the hidden job market. Strategies included real world networking, social media networking, speculative applications, and voluntary assignments.
  • To communicate examples about how others successfully landed a job without using a CV. For many of us “seeing is believing”. I hope that the examples throughout the presentation help your believe that this is possible!

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