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Career Presentation | The need for Creativity when Job Hunting!!

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I would like to thank all those who attended my presentation last night at the Dublin City Library in D1. There was a great turn out and about 60 people attended and I had fun delivering what is a very serious message. Judging from comments post presentation everyone seemed to take ideas and motivation away from the 1 hour discussion around how to inject creativity into job search.

Embrace the key points from the discussion and good luck with the job hunting!!

Remember my formula – (Activity + Creativity = Visibility) = (Opportunities)

Accept that the job market has changed

Accept that you need for change (don’t let fear, lack of know-how or stubbornness stop you)

Record your activity as results never lie. If its not working then change it!!

Inject creativity when targeting advertised jobs using ideas shared

Develop blind faith and creativity to access the hidden jobs market using strategies discussed

For ongoing advice and support please follow me on Twitter – Paul Mullan Twitter.

Good luck with the job hunting!

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I would appreciate your comments about how you found the talk.

9 thoughts on “Career Presentation | The need for Creativity when Job Hunting!!”

  1. Paul,
    Really enjoyed your powerfull presentation last night.’Creative ways to increase visibility’
    It has educated me greatly about the world of recruitment today.
    I took your advise and joined Linkedin , but am having some difficulty navigating this site – will be trail and error for the first few weeks!.
    If you are holding any more public presentations please let me know.

  2. Dear Paul,

    Thank you so much for giving a very inspiring and informative presentation to the job seekers who attended. The talk was magnificent and this is evident from the comment cards I received.

    •It made me think about other ways I could get noticed and other methods I could use in my job search.
    •Very good. Keep up the good work.
    •Very interesting, really useful tips and advice. It gave me the kick I needed to get started.
    •Valuable topics for job seekers. Time was short. More time needed.
    •Talk was very interesting, informative and very well presented. Given new ideas and motivation in relation to job seeking.
    •Enjoyable, invaluable advice.
    •Very interesting, eye opener for job seekers.
    •Clarity given on the current flow of the market trend.
    •Proactive practical good skills given. Well done!
    •Excellent ideas. Thinking outside the box.
    •Thanks for giving me a different way of thinking about my job search.
    •Very good: new ideas to try.
    •Very informative. I had registered with Linkedin but will be using it now and be proactive.
    •Hugely interesting and looking around to next event.
    •Presentation was very good and presented new ideas.
    •Interesting, informative, enthusiastic.
    •Made me think.
    •Excellent presentation.
    •Too short.
    •Eye opening.


  3. Hi Paul,
    I found your talk very interesting and motivating. I have attended talks on career development before but found yours very uplifting and positive in comparison. Lately I have strayed from the proactive approach to job hunting back to the safer, reactive approach with no positive results. I feel your talk will get me back on track and has made me realize I need to make myself stand out in the job market. Hopefully this will lead to employment.
    Many thanks,
    Rachel Murray

  4. Rachel & Joe

    Thanks very much for the kind words. Glad you found the presentation useful and best of luck with the job search.


  5. Hi Paul,

    Just want to say thanks for the fantastic seminar.

    I always underestimate the impact of LinkedIn till I attended an interview a day before the seminar.
    The director has gone to see my details and thing I was doing on LinkedIn. At the end of the interview he was asking me questions from my profile.

    So I will suggest the importance of not only updating the profile but also making it well laid-out good presentation.

    Thanks again for the great seminar.

  6. Hello Paul,

    it was really refreshing to listen to all your advices in the library. I really enjoyed and I learned still some new things. Thank you very much for this and thank you for coming back to me by email. I like when a person is promising something and than really the email comes around. So I deal with people too. Thank you Paul.

    Let us keep in touch Paul.

  7. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for giving such a creative, open and inspiring presentation. I came out of the talk feeling more confident, creative and full of ideas. You helped me realise that my job search had become stale and that I should use my creative strengths more.
    I’m also working on improving my linkedin account. I realised that I wasn’t using it properly and effectively.

    Thank you again for a great presentation.


  8. Fola, Louise & Beate

    Thank for the kind words and glad you all found the presentation useful.


  9. hey paul thanks for the talk last week. learned some new things, good fun too. interview tomorrow…wey hey.


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