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CV Writing | Job Interviews | FREE e-book

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CV Writing | Job Interviews | FREE e-book

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Easy to read, witty, and packed with critical job search strategies

Title: Laughing all the way to your next job….

Here are some of the fun topics …..

How To Market Yourself

Follow the rules, unless that rule is stupid
Think of it as an Easter Egg hunt
Recruiters see past Pritt Stick and glitter
Get your mum to write your CV

Smarter Job Search

Become the Pied Piper of LinkedIn
My networking is NOT-WORKING

How to sell yourself at interview

Don’t be a MANNEQUIN
Fail to prepare, prepare to WAFFLE
Don’t be a ZEBRA

The feedback has been super

★ Paul, I am now trying to teach my kids that curtain-twitching, flute-playing squirrels have competitive advantages over Latin-speaking mannequins and zebras! Seriously though – good, concise advice provided in a fun way, which makes it easier to remember!!

★ Very humorous, love how it light heartedly pokes fun at the situation that normally strikes fear. It brings a smile and definitely makes you feel you can do this. It’s not so scary after all 😊

★ It’s excellent. And funny! I will certainly share with my network and LinkedIn connections

★ Paul your humour shone through as always!

★ This makes the painful process of the job search so much easier to tackle when you take Paul’s light-hearted approach!

★ Paul’s dry wit comes through in this eBook in spades. I cannot recommend Paul and his work enough in these difficult times if you are on the hunt for a new job

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