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Competency Based Interview Coaching

Competency Based Interviews are a lot easier than most people think

I teach 3 simple steps to help maximise performance

STEP 1 | How to structure your answers

I teach you a simple structure to deliver your story

STEP 2 | What the panel are listening for

I teach you what the interview panel are listening for. This puts the power in your hands. It allows you to deliver focused answers. It helps cut out the WAFFLE and stops you going off on tangents

STEP 3 | How to build your answers

I teach you a simple process using mind mapping. This helps you feel less overwhelmed with content


I teach you a few simple strategies to enhance performance

  • A few Zoom (online) interview cheats
  • How to handle when you don’t understand the question
  • How to start and end the interview with style
  • What to expect on the day, so no surprises!!

I’ve distilled 20 years of experience of competency-based interview coaching into a simple 2-hour programme

If you need more info or want to book a session | contact us

This system work!! Read what other had to say

Good afternoon, Paul, I am writing to you to inform that I got the interview results and I was successful, placed No. 1 in the panel. Many thanks for your professional and enormously useful training. I really appreciate your help. It was a pleasure to train with you.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help, I came 2nd on the panel for one region & 6th on the panel for the other region, so got two different job offers. Thanks so much for your help, the feedback from my interviews so far is that I was very well prepared so thank you!

Yes, I was delighted to be successful in the competition and came second on the panel so have already been appointed to my new role as Principal Officer. Many thanks again for your help in preparing me for interview

Just to let you know I got 3rd on the panel. I am delighted, to go from DNQ to 3rd is great. I felt really focused and prepared after our session but there is always room for improvement!